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Our hospital security control room headed by the security Manager acts as the control center for providing essential services such as fleet management, emergency care, information, and additional help.

Functions of the department 

  • The security department is responsible for all aspects of security within the premises of Lisie hospital and exercises control and co-ordination of all security members. It works with a contracted security company which provides additional manpower.
  • The department supplies persons responsible for a specific location within the hospital for 168 hours per week
  • security staff respond to all fire alarms and take necessary actions. Closed-circuit camera service throughout the hospital site is monitored.
  • Operations are organized and controlled from 24 hours of working security control room. The security system is designed to provide protection to the patients, staff, visitors, and hospital assets

Location of the Dept.  :  St.Augustine Block, Ground Floor, Near to B Lift. Cardinal Block, Ground Floor, Near Emergency Dept.

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