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The Lisie Quality team makes sure that the patients coming to Lisie Hospital gets quality and safe care that is equal to the national and international patient care standards. The team is collaborating with all the departments of the hospital to formulate manuals, SOPs, policies and procedures for each department according to NABH standards and other national and international guidelines. At the execution level, the department undertakes various quality rounds, internal audits and training programmes that ensure that the policies are implemented in all hospital areas and thereby ensuring the quality of care and patient satisfaction. Another area where the quality team contributes to the patient care is by helping each department to formulate patient rights and give training to staff to protect the patient rights. We believe in the empowerment of patient coming to Lisie hospital and this reflects in the quality of the care our staff provides with love to the patients.

Quality department develops the credentialing and privileging form for doctors working in our hospitals. In collaboration with the HR department, these credentialing and privileging of each doctors are updated periodically. So the HODs of the department can review the credentials and privileges of each doctor in their department and thereby ensures that only qualified doctors are treating patients in Lisie Hospital.

“In Lisie Quality is not an Adjective, It is a Habit.”


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