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Finance Department

The Finance department takes care of all remittance and payments related issues of the patients.  Due to the restriction imposed by the Income Tax Department, the maximum amount of cash that can be accepted at the hospital is below Rs. Two lakhs only. Payments of Rs.2 Lakhs and above shall be made by transfer to hospital account by way of RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, card payments, and other methods of transfer, etc.  The cheque is also accepted at the time of admission subject to certain conditions. Excess payment made by patients is being transferred to their bank accounts. Patient/bystander has to provide account details such as account number, name of bank, branch, IFS code, etc for the purpose. All doubts regarding remittance and payments are being carried out by the accounts department.

Bill section and Insurance department are working in collaboration with the Finance department to make the billing, payment, and reimbursement of the services provided by the hospital a smooth activity.

“The department deals all matters with a human touch and compassion.”

Office hours: 7.30 am to 5.15 pm

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