Infection Control

Infection Control

The Infection Control Department is one of the vibrant departments in Lisie and was remarked as an excellent HIC (Hospital infection Control) by the NABH assessment team. The department aims at minimizing Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) with standardized Infection Control Practices. The Department is headed by Dr. Rohitha S Chandra, MD, clinical microbiologist, and her team of dedicated infection control nurses. All the major decisions are taken in a multi-disciplinary HICC (Hospital infection control committee)

Aim and Philosophy

  • None of our patients or their bystanders should acquire any infection during hospitalization Lisie
  • None of our staff should acquire any infection while on duty in Lisie

The functioning of the department

  • Infection Control Department works in collaboration with all other departments and reports to the Quality Assurance Department (QAD) regarding their functioning and makes recommendations for quality improvement in infection control practices.
  • The surveillance activities include tracking of CAUTI (catheter-associated urinary tract infections), central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI), surgical site infections (SSI), and ventilator-associated events (VAE).
  • Regular audits are conducted on various infection control parameters such as hand hygiene, biomedical waste management, knowledge, and practice on infection control policies/procedures of staff nurses. The audits report are regularly communicated to the concerned departments.
  • The persistent and dedicated efforts to reduce HAIs have paid off and the HAI rates have considerably come down. Training on various aspects of infection control is conducted regularly (at least twice a year) for all the staff including clinicians.
  • All the staff in Lisie are mandatorily vaccinated against Hepatitis B.
  • Annual medical checkup of all employees are conducted
  • Employee safety program aiming to prevent needle stick injuries, blood and body fluid exposures are also initiated
  • Orientation training and regular in-service training on various infection control topics are given to all employees
  • Standardizedcleaning, disinfection, and sterilization procedures are in place
  • The infection control department works in liaison with the Government with regard to all notifiable diseases
  • The safe injection and infusion standards followed in Lisie are at par with international standards
  • Lisie Hospital’s waste management is certified by the state pollution control board and we are collaborating with the IMAGE for our biomedical waste management
  • The antimicrobial stewardship program is implemented and monitored in coordination with the clinical pharmacy team. A hospital antibiotic policy is in place which is updated annually.

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