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Dietetics and Nutrition


Dietician services provide counseling to our patients and their family members on the importance of following a specific diet for a specific disease condition in order to attain an overall wellbeing. Persons coming to Lisie Hospital for health check-up receive classes on the importance of a balanced diet. The dietician team is closely working with our doctors in deciding the correct and healthy diet for our outpatients and inpatients. Besides Lisie Doctors, the team works closely with the Nursing department, Lisie Diner, MSW Department, and the Quality Department of the hospital. The team is a very essential part of the famous Cardiology Department of Lisie Hospital. The team runs an OP consultation service as well.

“A little care, a small word of comfort may seem like a small drop in an ocean that drop means so much for the downtrodden suffering patients. Patients are carefully advised to follow diet instructions and when they get better the smile on the face is the best recognition for us.”


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