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Lisie Public Relations and General Administration Department actively engage with the patients and bystanders coming to the hospital. The patients/bystanders are given the following services by this department: settle insurance claims and medical reimbursements; issue various certificates like wound certificate, financial assistance certificates (Prime Minister’s National Relief fund, Chief Ministers Relief Fund, etc), etc; deal complaints and grievances. In addition to this, this department is liaisoning with various governmental departments like police, excise, drugs, etc. PR department plays a big role in taking the success stories of the hospital in collaboration with the communication office to the public and thus strengthening the public trust in the hospital.

PR Department in most hospitals deals with complaints and grievances.  In Lisie Hospital, the scope of this department is vast.  Here, public relations are part and parcel of hospital administration. It is not that we project the mind of the management to the patients/bystanders; rather we let the mind of the patients/bystanders be known to the management.

“We deal with each and every person (patients and bystanders, staff and doctors and external bodies like the police, excise, drugs, and media) with love and affection and project the hospital image among the public by knowing their mind first.”



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