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Central Store

 The central store strives for delivering the highest quality goods and services to the various departments of Lisie Hospital. Surgical and stationery items are available depending on the quantities needed on weekly basis. We focus our efforts on service in purchasing and distributing the items through our collective dedication to excellence in patient care.

Scope, objectives, and main functions of the dept

  • To describe the various methods used by the material management system for control of inventory at various constituents of the system.
  • the main function of the central store is receipt, storage and issue of materials against the indents raised by various departments  


Services offering 

  • Receipt of the materials from suppliers
  • Proper storage of materials
  • Analyzing the indents raised by various departments and issue the items
  • Verification of stock and maintenance of store records.


Major Achievements 

  • Developed software technology for purchase, order and supply of materials to the various departments.
  • Record in computer the indentdate, item and quantity purchased and issued.Update the stock position

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