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Lisie Diner


The food that Lisie Diner serves in the canteen and inpatient rooms is without artificial colors and a taste enhancer like Ajinomoto. The Diner uses ingredients of the best quality for cooking. The cooking process itself is very healthy with the most modern machinery imported from Germany. The rate at which the diner sells its quality food can be a case study for management schools and thus the Diner contributes to the hospital to live its motto that is the care with love. 

In collaboration with the Dietician department, the room service team serves the healthiest food tailor-made for the inpatients in their room.

Lisie Diner serves quality food to visitors of the hospital and staff members at affordable rates. Besides, the Diner caters food for all the functions organized by the hospital with a splendid menu that includes continental, north Indian, Chinese, and south Indian as well.


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