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      IT department provides software and hardware support to the patient care providers as well as billing and accounting.This support includes the installation of new software systems, along with the hardware. The haelth care providers get assistance for acquisition of technology and efficient utilization of such systems.the department also maintains and repairs current hardware.The IT Department is an important part of the decision making team for choosing appropriate software systems Department is responsible for overseeing the timely processing and completing and when necessary the retrieval of all medical and non medical data.

 Functions of the department

The information technology department is established in respose to the growing demanad for the use of IT within the hospital environment. Its mission is to provide a comprehensive and integrated information service system which enables the Hospital to meet its medical and business responsibilities as a health care provider serving the community. The department of information technology in Lisie Hospital has latest technologies to manage and maintain the systems with professional and quality sevices in the health care delivery system.IT Department provides support for the use and development of information and communication technologies to facilitate and expedite the patient services.It covers all the areas of Lisie Hospital, related to the following:

  1. Application support : Software implementation and project management
  2. Techinical Operations : Helpdesk, Techinical support, Server Architecture & Networking 
  3. Management Information : Including database management,& Statistics


Sevices Offering

  • To maintain the network implementation and supply
  • Provide Telephonic communication and implementation
  • To maintain Camera and DVR System
  • Server Management implementation and backup server implementation
  • Managing Nursing Calling System
  • TV installation and management
  • Software development and implementation etc.. 


Major Achievements

  • OP EMR 
  • Inpatient and Emergency Medical EMR
  • Discharge summary 
  • HR software
  • Accounting System
  • Reporting Software
  • Insurance Software
  • PACS System
  • Token System
  • Asset Management
  • CSSD

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