Clinical Research at LISIE hospital is a part of our national endeavour to cultivate a scientific temper and to promote clinical research in India.

Vision: The improvement of the health of the community and patients through research and the development of a Centre for Excellence in medical research in India.

The cardiovascular clinical research carries out the works in accordance with nationally and internationally approved guidelines. It has to be cleared by a committee of experts from the viewpoint of its necessity and safety of the subjects to be studied along with its ethics. In clinical research, Questions about a disease and its diagnosis and therapy are raised in a clinical setting, and answer obtained by using scientific methods in the laboratory are then translated into clinical practice.

The primary purpose of research is to gratify curiosity by disciplined activity, thereby leading to creation of new knowledge. The research output has been incredible and has found recognition at the various national and international forums. The Cardiovascular clinical research serves as an avenue for increased collaborative research efforts, development of cutting edge cardiovascular clinical technologies and enhanced CV educational programs.

Our research department is actively involved in the management of Institutional Review Board which is quite essential for the conduct of a study. The consultants of cardiology research department have published copious articles in various International journals within the past 5 years. Our department is involved in various international and national level multicentre randomised controlled trials, registries and observational studies. We are among the first five in enrolment of National Registries like ICC-National Heart Failure Registry(NHFR).We are also the top five in enrolment of Kerala registries like Kerala acute heart failure registry, Choronic heart failure registry, Heart failure quality improvement in Kerala.

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