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24/7 Enquiry+91 0484 – 2402044, 2400812 – 14
Doctor Search

Name Designation Qualification
Dr. Abhilash Chacko MD(G.M)
Dr. Ajit Thachil Consultant MD , DM , PDF (EP), IBHRE
Dr. AjitKumar K.R Registrar MBBS
Dr. Amel Antony Md, Mnams
Dr. Amy D' Souza HOD - Senior Consultant MBBS, DGO, MD
Dr. Anantha padmanabhan Senior Consultant MBBS, MS, Dip.Lap.Surgery, FIAGS
Dr. Antony V O Medical Officer MBBS
Dr. Arun Kumar M.L Sr.Consultant MBBS, MD, DM (Neuro)
Dr. Babu Francis HOD, Senior Consultant MBBS, MD, DM (Nephro)
Dr. Bhaskar Ranganathan Consultant MS, MCh
Dr. Bije Raj HOD, Senior Consultant BDS, MDS, (Prosthodontist)
Dr. Biju P A Junior Consultant MS (Ortho)
Dr. Bino George Senior Consultant MBBS, MD (Anas)
Dr. Damodaran Nambiar HOD & Senior Consultant MS MCh(Uro)
Dr. E Nisbet Samuel Consultant Emergency Physician and HOD MBBS, MD
Dr. Frankie Jose Kavalakkat Consultant DLO
Dr. George Paulose Senior Consultant MD (Internal Medicine),PG Certification in Diabetology
Dr. George Xavier Junior Consultant MD
Dr. Grace Maria George Cardiac Anaesthesiologist DA, DNB, PDCC
Dr. Jabir Abdullakutty Consultant MD, DM,FSCAI
Dr. Jacob Abraham HOD & Consultant MD, PDCC
Dr. Jacob Chacko Associate Consultant BDS, MDS, (Maxilofacial)
Dr. Jacob Joseph Consultant MD, DM,FSCAI,FICC
Dr. Jessy Thomas
Dr. Jo Joseph Junior Consultant MD, DM
Dr. Job Wilson Cardiac Anaesthesiologist DA, DNB, PDCC, FPCA
Dr. Johny Cyriac HOD & Senior consultant MBBS,MD, DNB
Dr. Jose Chacko Periappuram HOD & Senior Consultant FRCS (Glasg ) , FRCS Ed CTh
Dr. Jose P Paul Consultant MBBS, MD, DM (Nephro),MRCP
Dr. Joy Mampilly HOD, Head of Unit II and Senior Consultant MBBS,MS, MCh (Paediatric Surgery)
Dr. K M Oommen Medical Officer (Medico-Legal cases) MBBS, DCH
Dr. K Rajaram HOD, & Senior Consultant MS (Ortho), MNAMS
Dr. K.V.Thomas Medical Officer MBBS
Dr. Koshy George HOD & Sr. Consultant MCh
Dr. Kuruvilla Thomas Senior Consultant MBBS, DPM,MD
Dr. Latha Mathew Consultant DO, MS (Ophth)
Dr. Leny Samuel DCP
Dr. Maggie Xavier Mbbs, Dmrd
Dr. Manoj M Junior Consultant MS (Ortho)
Dr. Nimmy Jose MD, DNB
Dr. P.C.Mathew Senior consultant DA,MD
Dr. Paulose Jacob Senior Consultant MBBS,MS, MCh(Plastic surgery)
Dr. Prema Antony HOD- Senior consultant MD,DA,DNB
Dr. R Krishna Das Sr Consultant MS,MCh
Dr. Rahul Antony Simon MBBS,MD
Dr. Raja Rajeswari C Senior Consultant MBBS , DGO, DNB
Dr. Ramesh Shenoy Mbbs, Dmrd [Visiting]
Dr. Reena Varghese Head of the Department MS (ENT)
Dr. Rema Devi Resident Medical Officer MBBS
Dr. Rohin Abraham
Dr. Roja Joseph Junior Consultant MD
Dr. Rony Mathew HOD & Senior Consultant MD, DNB (Med), DM, DNB, FSCAI, FACC
Dr. Rosakutty Mathew Associate Consultant MBBS, MS, DGO
Dr. S. R. RaniPaul Resident Medical Officer MBBS
Dr. Saramma Esaw Senior Consultant MBBS, MD
Dr. Sasidharan Pillai Senior Registrar MBBS
Dr. Shyam Balasubrahmanian Sr Consultant MS,MCh
Dr. Soman Peter HOD, Senior Consultant MBBS, DD, MD (Dermatology)
Dr. Soumini Unnikrishnan DCP
Dr. Soumini Unnikrishnan DCP
Dr. Sreedharan P. S HOD & Senior Consultant MD (Medicine), DM (Medical Oncology)
Dr. Sunil T Consultant Gastrointestinal Surgeon MS, MCh, PDF, FACRSI
Dr. Suresh Paul Senior Consultant MS (Ortho), FRCS
Dr. Suseel Elias Issac Md
Dr. Sushil Chandi MD, PhD
Dr. T.K. Joseph HOD & Senior Consultant MD, MRCP
Dr. Tharun Consultant MS MCh(Uro)
Dr. Thomas James Sr. Consultant MD, DM
Dr. Vandana Iyengar Consultant MBBS, MD (Anas)
Dr. Vidya M.V HOD- Sr.Consultant MBBS, MD (Med), DNB (Med), DM (Neuro)
Dr. Viju George MS Senior Consultant FRCS(Glas), DNB, MCh(Uro)
Dr. Yamini Krishnan Senior Consultant MD (Paediatrics), DCH, DM (Medical Oncology)