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We provide health checkups in seven streams.

General Information

St. Augustine Block, Ground Floor (corridor between and C and D lifts), Mob: 9497713386, 0484 2755099 (Monday to Saturday from 7.00 am to 4.30 pm. Calls besides this time shall not be attended)

Kindly contact Health checks department for any kind of help.

Preventive health checks schemes provided by the hospital

  1. Child Health Checks (Age group - 6 to 15)
  2. Basic Health Checks (Age group - 16 to 24)
  3. Executive Health Checks (Age group - Above 25, both men & women)
  4. Complete Health Checkup for Women (Age group - Above 40)
  5. Holistic Health Checkup for Men (Age group - Above 40)
  6. Diabetes Health Checkup (Specially for Diabetic patients)
  7. Pre Employment Checkup    

Charity News

You can help patients from Flood Relief Camps. Lisie Hospital is doing operations and providing inpatient services to the poor patients brought in here from camps without insisting payments. You can join in this cause by contributing a donation to one such patient after reading his/her story. Your payment will go towards the bill of the patient you select.

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