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Mr Basil T.A., BCom, AICWA


Mr Basil T.A., BCom, AICWA

Mr Basil joined the Lisie Executive Leadership Team in 2015 as Administrator. He has in his credit rich administrative and audit experiences in different departments in the Government of India. He served at the level of Director in the Ministries of Defence, Pharmaceuticals, and Petroleum of Indian Government. His experiences in Finance and Accounts include the years in Indian Audit Accounts Department, Ministry of Power and Opium and Alkaloid Factories under Ministry of Finance. He retired from Government service at the level of Advisor to India Government.

He contributes immensely to the Lisie management in project monitoring and implementation.

“I wish to see Lisie grow as a premier institution of national repute which excels in provision world class medical services in all specialities at affordable cost especially to the marginalised sections of the society.”

Charity News

You can help patients from Flood Relief Camps. Lisie Hospital is doing operations and providing inpatient services to the poor patients brought in here from camps without insisting payments. You can join in this cause by contributing a donation to one such patient after reading his/her story. Your payment will go towards the bill of the patient you select.

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