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Sr Elsy MSJ

Nursing Administrator

Sr Elsy MSJ
Nursing Administrator

Sr Elsy MSJ joined the Executive Leadership Team in the capacity of Nursing Administrator in 2015. She has behind her a sea of experience in nursing care in the clinics and in office. Her experience as clinical tutor in various colleges and schools add another dimension in her nursing competencies. She has worked as the top executive of Lisie School of Nursing from 2005 to 2015.

“Love and compassion command us to give total care to patients in physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual needs with empathy.”

Charity News

You can help patients from Flood Relief Camps. Lisie Hospital is doing operations and providing inpatient services to the poor patients brought in here from camps without insisting payments. You can join in this cause by contributing a donation to one such patient after reading his/her story. Your payment will go towards the bill of the patient you select.

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