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Overview & Features

India is considered as the diabetes capital of the world and Kerala its head office.To reverse the trend in this life threatening debilitating illness the National Health Commission has recommended focused care by the health sector stakeholders  to contain this epidemic.

Accordingly in January 2011 Lisie Hospital started a dedicated Diabetology department with the motto - TOTAL DIABETES CARE.

The department houses a Senior and a Junior Consultant,Trainees in rotation from General Medicine, a Physician Assistant and a Podiatry worker.

We are responsible for daily outpatient,in patient and interdepartmental consultations of diabetic patients with a special focus on pre and post surgical hyperglycemia management.

We also undertake A Diabetic health check up programme focussing on early prevention of diabetic complications.



Diseases/Conditions Treated

Primary treatment: Diabetes Mellitus type I and type II

Monitoring complication: Timely assessment of Renal functions, Ophthalmology, Cardiac and Neurological, Peripheral Vascular and Dermatological assessment for diabetic complications.

Associated Life Style Disorders: Diagnose and treat Hypertension, Obesity and related abnormalities, Lipedemias, Thyroid and Metabolic Bone disorders

Podiatry (Diabetic footcare): Podiatrist to assess diabetic foot status, Neurovascular studies, Foot scan, Foot Physiotherapy and surgical therapy as indicated.

Special Diabetic Atraumatic Microcellular Rubber (MCR) footwear provided to patients

Diabetic Intensive Care: Treatment of Diabetic emergencies like Coma and associated Toxic states



DIABETES NUTRITION PROGRAMME by qualified Nutritionist




PODIATRY CARE –Medical and Surgical


Facilities Available: (Rooms, Technology, ICUs)

Standardised Glucometers

Insulin Infusion systems

Neuropathy Analyzer

1.  Vibrotherm Dx -Vibration and Thermal (Hot and Cold) mode assesment

2.  Monofilament

3.  Biothesiometry

Vasculopathy Analyzer

1. ABI / TBI Vascular Doppler VERSALAB LE.

Foot Podiascan

1. Foot Imprinter/Harris Mat - FM1111

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems

1. Medtronic i Pro 2 Professional CGM.

2. Ambulatory Glucose Profile(AGP Abbot)

Insulin Pump System

Medtronic Minimed Paradigm Veo System.



Established the first Diabetology department focussing on outpatient and inpatient care at Lisie Hospital, January 2011

Established Diabetic Podiatry services at Lisie Hopspital in 2013

Insulin injection training and certification,Lisie Hospital nursing staff  2014

Started Ambulatory Glucose Profile monitoring in 2015

Multiple epidemiological and drug related research in Diabetes care


Inpatient Rounds Policy

Daily in patient rounds by attending Consultants


Meet Our Doctors

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Dr. George Paulose

HOD- Senior Consultant
  • Diabetology
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Dr. George Paulose

HOD- Senior Consultant
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Dr. Betcy Annie Koshy

  • Diabetology
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Dr. Betcy Annie Koshy


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