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Pulmonary Medicine

OP Timings

  • Dr.Paramez.A.R
  • Monday to Saturday(11am to 4.30pm)
  • Dr.Thomas Kurian
  • NA

Overview & Features

The Department deals with common respiratory ailments like bronchial Asthma, COPD, Respiratory infections like pneumonia, fungal infections, Tuberculosis, Intestinal ling disease, Pleural diseases(pleural effusion, empyema, pneumothorax); lung malignancies etc is involved in heart –lung transplantation programme in association with cardiology and cardiac surgery department.

Runs a dedicated ICU for management of critically ill respiratory patients like ARDS, Septic Shock, Type I&II respiratory failures. The ICU is equipped with invasive and non invasion mechanical ventilators, Dialysis support, including CRRT, invasive hemodynamic monitoring system and well trained & dedicated staff.

Diseases/Conditions Treated:

-ACUTE RESPIRATORY DISTRESS SYNDROME :-( ARDS) occurs in any individual & mostly due to viral pneumonias (eg:-H,N),trauma, pneumonia, head injury, pancreatitis etc.

-COPD -Usually occurs in middle aged/elderly individuals. Smokers are at high risk; so do those who are exposed to air pollution (Outdoor & indoor).Dedicated COPD clinic for the comprehensive management of the disease(education, nutrition, rehabilitation) in Corporation with physiotherapy and dietetics department.

-Asthma - allergic conditions from childhood to elderly any one can get affected by this disease condition. We run difficult to treat asthma clinics for the uncontrolled asthma variants   Allergy testing-(invitro and invivo ) using blood tests as well as skin prick tests.

-Interstitial lung Disease: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) connective tissue disease associated ICDs, Organising Pneumonias, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, sarcoidosis, RB –ICDs etc are some of the conditions we treat.

Lung cancer/Interventional Pulmonology: Comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy are routinely done. Collaborated with medical oncology surgical oncology and palliative care department’s leads to a comprehensive management strategy for the suffering patients.



Dedicated Clinics

  • Difficult Asthma Clinic
  • COPD Clinic
  • Sleep Apnea clinic
  • Allergy clinic
  • Lung cancer clinic
  • Infectious Diseases clinic
  • Interstitial lung Diseases clinic


Facilities Available: (Rooms, Technology, ICUs)

  • 9 bedded level III dedicated ICU
  • Bed side ultrasound, echo, US guided pleural aspiration, USG guided line insertions as standard protocol.
  • Dedicated renal replacement facility in all ICU beds with provision for CRRT.
  • ECMO facility for severe respiratory ailments like ARDS.
  • ICU Bronchoscopy using dedicated sope.
  • Bedside percutaneous tracheostomy facilities
  • Video Bronchoscopy –BAL,TBLB, Endobronchial Biopsy, TBNA, Foreign Body removal, Tumor Debulking
  • Rigid Bronchoscopy
  • Flexi rigid Thoracoscopy
  • Pulmonary Function testing –PFT
  • Allergy Testing and immunotherapy
  • Comprehensive evaluation of sleep disorders like OSA, CSA, Mixed and complex sleep Apneas –in our state of the art sleep lab



  • Started in 2011
  • Name of first HOD –Dr Praveen Valsalan
  • Present HOD –Dr  Paramez A.R
  • Consultants –Dr Rahul Simon Mampilly  

                               Dr.Thomas Kurian       

Inpatient Rounds Policy

Daily morning rounds starts from the ICU, Comprising of all consultants, junior doctors and assigned nursing staff of the area.

Evening rounds by one of the assigned team members- 24x7 on call/resident doctor facility


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Dr.Thomas Kurian

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Dr.Thomas Kurian


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