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OP Timings

  • Dr. Latha Mathew
  • MON,TUE,THU,SAT(9-6)

Overview & Features

Includes 3 staffs

Doctor -1

Technician (Refractionist) 1

ANM Staff -1

Diseases/Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated –Anterior segment diseases mainly refractive errors, cataract glaucoma, uveitis traumas with lids , conjunctival ,corneal, iris injuries.


SURGERIES-  Cataract Surgeries →Small incision CatSy


                         Glancoma Surgeries

                          Lid Surgeries → Entropion correction

                                                 → Ectropion correction

                                                 → Tarsorrhaphy

                                                 → Laceration repairs (Lids)

                          Evisceration Surgery, Enucleation


Facilities Available: (Rooms, Technology, ICUs)

Top Technologies Available

Zees –Slit Lamp

Nider –Autorefractometer

Topcon- Non Contact Tonometer

Humphrey Field Analyser

A-Scan –Sonomed

Sonomed  Pachymetry

Appasamy- Indirect ophthalmoscope

Volk 90D Lens, 2 mirror gonioscope

Welsh Alyn Direct ophthalmoscope

Welsh Alyn Streat Retinoscope

Takagi S/L Mount

Applanation Tonomter



Alcon Laurette Phaco Emulisifier


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Dr. Latha Mathew

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Dr. Latha Mathew

HOD- Senior Consultant, O...

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You can help patients from Flood Relief Camps. Lisie Hospital is doing operations and providing inpatient services to the poor patients brought in here from camps without insisting payments. You can join in this cause by contributing a donation to one such patient after reading his/her story. Your payment will go towards the bill of the patient you select.

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