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Overview & Features

The Lisie has its foundation on unshakeable social commitment and is striving to take its great work further by transforming specialities into super-specialities, making the new advancements in medical field reachable for everyone. The centre of gastroenterology which started functioning here two years back was thus a firm step ahead in that direction.

Now, to cater to the growing demand, we are into an expansion phase with addition of more space, equipment, personnel and expertise. And the much awaited division of gastrointestinal surgery was commenced in mid- February, 2016 with a highly specialized GI surgeon joining our department.

With skilled personnel, dedicated team, sophisticated equipment and service oriented management policies, the Lisie centre of gastrointestinal and liver diseases endeavour to fill the great void between the big corporate centers and the government hospitals.

With two senior consultants on board, the unit focuses on individualized care of patients. We make use of the fact that all specialities are available at Lisie including oncology, radiology and cardiology and we team up with them for multidisciplinary care as per patients’ needs. The department has state-of-the-art

Diseases/Conditions & Treatments

  1. Our moto is treatment individualized for each patient
  2. Equipped to manage all gastrointestinal disease conditions, be it functional bowel disorder like IBS, chronic inflammatory conditions like Ulcerative colitis and Chrohn’s disease or various Malignancies of GIT
  3. We evaluate and treat all sorts of liver diseases including various types of jaundice, Cirrhosis of liver, liver failure and cancer of liver and biliary tree
  4. Gall bladder diseases including stones and infections and endoscopic removal of bile duct stones
  5. Endoscopic management of GI bleeding; variceal bleed in Cirrhosis, Ulcer bleed and Colonic bleed of various sources
  6. Various pancreatic disease conditions; acute and chronic
  7. Integrated treatment strategy combining medical, endoscopic, radiological and surgical modalities according to the individual needs of each patient
  8. We make use of the fact that all medical and surgical specialities are available at our centre and pass the benefit to the patient in the form of multidisciplinary care


  1. Diagnostic and therapeutic Ultrasonography
  2. Ultrasound guided procedures including FNA, Cyst aspiration and Liver abscess drainage
  3. Liver Biopsy
  4. Percutaneous Cholecystostomy
  5. Diagnostic and therapeutic upper GI endoscopy (OGD)
  6. Haemostatic procedures including variceal banding (EVL), scleotherapy, Cyanoacrylate Glue injection, Hemoclip application, Hemospray and injection therapy
  7. Diagnostic and therapeutic Colonoscopy
  8. Polypectomy procedures
  9. Endoloop application for big polyps
  10. Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR)
  11. Stricture dilatations-esophageal, enteric, colonic and biliary
  12. Endoscopic Stenting (SEMS placement) in various strictures and cancers
  13. Achalasia Dilatation with Pneumatic balloon
  14. PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy) placement
  15. Foreign body removal
  16. Diagnostic and therapeutic ERCP
  17. ERCP-biliary stone removal
  18. ERCP- biliary stricture dilatations and stent placement
  19. ERCP- pancreatic stone removal and stenting
  20. Diagnostic and therapeutic EUS
  21. EUS guided FNA
  22. EUS guided endoscopic cystogastrostomy for large pancreatic cysts
  23. EUS guided aspiration of pelvic collections

Facilities Available:(Rooms,Technology, ICUs)

Sevices and Facilities

  • 24 hours GI emergency services
  • Daily OPDs, morning and evening
  • Suite with 2 endoscopy rooms and high end equipment
  • Integrated 8 bedded ICU within the suite; thus the need of uncomfortable and often repeated shifting of patients to endoscopy and back is avoided
  • State-of-the-art fluoroscopy room for ERCP and other Radiology assisted procedures
  • Pre and post procedure monitoring areas
  • Preparation rooms in endoscopy suite
  • Olympus 190 series high resolution endoscopic systems with image enhancing technology
  • The fluoroscopy suite is equipped with Siemens…..
  • Trans-abdominal ultrasound system (GE..)


2012- Department started

November 2014- Department expanded and shifted to new floor with modern endoscopy suite and sonology room

August 2015- Started ERCP with dedicated fluoroscopy machine

February 2016- Started gastroenterology ICU integrated with endoscopy suite

November 2017- Started EUS, both diagnostic and therapeutic

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