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Cardiac Anaesthesiology

Overview & Features

Department of Cardiac Anaesthesiology provides anaesthesia and critical care for Cardiac and Thoracic surgical patients. It is known as one of the largest Cardio thoracic practices in South India. The department provides a full spectrum of perioperative anaesthesia for Cardiac and Thoracic surgical patients including full time anaesthetist present in the Cardio Thoracic Unit, respiratory consultation and postoperative pain management.

Also got a very active Heart Transplantation programme, Anaesthesiologist being actively involved in Donor Management and Perioperative Management of the recipient.

The department offers one-year postdoctoral certificate course in Cardiac Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine.
The Department also offers a 3-day observatory program in Cardiac Surgery for Junior Doctors and postgraduates so as to understand the various aspects of haemodynomics operating in human body. This gives the candidates a general idea of

  • Haemodynomic monitoring (Invasive and noninvasive)
  • On pump and off pump CABG, Valve surgeries etc
  • General Idea on Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Intra Aortic Balloon Pump
  • Cath Lab Procedures
  • Cardiac ICU Care
  • Perioperative management of Heart Transplant Patients.
  • ECMO for Cardio-respiratory Failure


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