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Overview & Features

In Dermatology department we are running op’s every day except for Wednesday and Sunday ; morning and evening sessions. There are two doctors in the dept headed by OR. Soman Peter. We treat all types of skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and leprosy on Wednesday’s. We conduct surgical procedures in the theatre, there we have facility of cautery, Radio frequency etc. We do skin procedures like Biopsy, cauterisation of warts and growths on the skin, and nail treatments like nail avulsion. In the OP’s we have cautery, Cyo, IPC facility for skin rejunation, hair removal etc.

Diseases/conditions Treated

  1. Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation disorders
  2. Keloids, warts
  3. Psoriasis
  4. Pemphigus
  5. Drug Allergy
  6. SJ syndrome
  7. Exfoliative deematitis
  8. Fungal Infection
  9. Chronic leg ulcers
  10. Hypertrophic lichen planus
  11. Psoriatic nails
  12. Palmoplantar psoriasis
  13. Genito urinary infections
  14. Oral lichen planus
  15. Hydradenitis suppurativa
  16. Genital warts, perianal warts
  17. Male pattern alopecia, female pattern alopecia
  18. Hair growth


  1. Mesotherapy
  2. Keloid treatment
  3. Ear lobe repair
  4. MC removal / milia removal/ corn removal
  5. Cauterisation of warts, growths on the skin
  6. Nail avulsion, nail clipping
  7. CRYO therapy
  8. Hair removal – face
  9. Chemical peels – for face lift and glow appearance
  10. Deema roller – for acne scar correction
  11. PRP – For chronic leg ulcers, hair growth
  12. Nerve Biopsy for – diagnosis of hansen’s disease
  13. Skin Biopsy – for diagnosis of skin diseases
  14. IPL – hair removal, pigment removal
  15. Comedone Extraction
  16.  Intralesional Injection
  17. Incsion and drainage




We treat almost all types of skin diseases, and do procedures for all skin lesions. We have facilities in OP for procedures like cautery, CRYO, IPL facility, deema roller, chemical peels etc.

Inpatient Rounds Policy

We manage severe pemphigns, psoriasis, drug allergy, SJ syndrome, Exfoliative dermatitis as impatients ; With the help of trained nurses. We also get the support of doctors of other specialities for the crisis management.

Meet Our Doctors

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Dr. Soman Peter

  • 8.30am to 5.30pm
  • HOD

Dr. Soman Peter


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    Kochi, Kerala 682017
  • contact@lisiehospital.org
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