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Orthopaedic Surgery

Overview & Features

Our department provides comprehensive and world class orthopaedic services. We offers specialized care in the field of complex truma, polytrauma and related subspecialities. Round the clock state of the art trauma care is given including pelviacetabular fractures. Subspecialities within the department include adult joint  reconstruction(Total hip, knee, shoulder, replacements, revisions  hip and knee surgeries),Paediatric ,orthopaedic problems, sports medicine  and arthroscopy, Limb beformity correction, Foot and ankle conditions. Our outpatient department caters to a variety of patients with musculo skeletal conditions. At lisie our team of expert doctors has ready access to the latest techniques and technology to improve care for people with musculoskeletal problems. From diagnosis   through treatment, we are at the forefront of employing advanced technologies in the best interest of the patient. We are equipped with  quality instrument sets, imported battery operated drills & saws readily available instrument systems of all the companies available in India & abroad, latest arthroscopy camera lens, Shaver system, Light source, RF system, well maintained modular dedicated orthopaedic operation theatre with laminar air flow to prevent infection.

We have National Board of Examinations. accredited DNB orthopaedic post graduate programme

Diseases/conditions Treated

  1. Arthritic affections of various joints like degenerative,Inflammatory, Post traumatic etc


  1. Musculoskeletal infections-osteomyelitics, Septic arthritis


  1. Congential and developmental anomalies of Hips, extremities eg: CTEV,CVT,DDH,CDK


  1. Fractures of extremities, pervis, acetabulum in adults & children


  1. Cerebral Plasy


  1. Bone Tumors


  1. Dislocations of joints


  1. Ligament injuries of shoulders, knee, ankle eg: A CL,PCL,ALL etc


  1. Rotator gulftears of shoulders, Shoulder Instabilities


  1. Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Other Nerve entrapment syndromes


  1. Soft tissue contractures eg: Dupuytren. Contracture etc


  1. Hallux Valfus & other vtoe & finger deformities


  1. Flexor & Exterior tendon injuries of hand /Foot


  1. Sports related injuries of shoulder, Knee, Ankle


  1. Mahinion/Non union


  1. Failed Arthroplasties


  1. Joint replacement surgeries of Hip, Knee, Shoulder (Primary, Sports related ijComplex surgeries and revision/redo joint reconstruction of hip and knee)
  2. Arthroscopic surgeries of Knee, Shoulder, Elbow and Ankle
  3. Sports related injuries and its management [ACL,PCL Reconstruction, meniscal surgeries etc]
  4. Shoulder cuff repair surgery(Open & Arthroscopies),Recurrent instability Repair –Arthroscopic/open[softtissue and Bony procedures].
  5. Musculoskeletal Injuries –Fractures, Sprains, Strains and its management
  6. Congential diseases like CTEV,CVT etc ;Developmental anomalies of Hip, Knee and extrimities & its corrective surgeries[DDH,Perthe’s]
  7. Fractive surgeries [open, closed techniques, MIPPO] osteotomies – Femoral, pelvis, etc
  8. Pelviacetabular fractive reconstruction
  9. Core necompression procedure for Hip
  10. Arthrodesis of small & large joints
  11. Nerve Decompression surgeries
  12. Bone gralling
  13. External fixation
  14. Ligament repairs & reconstruction
  15. Cartilage repair procedures
  16. Multiligament knee reconstruction, MPFL repair/reconstruction
  17. Fractive Nonunion surgeries
  18. Musculoskeletal biopsies
  19. Excision of bone/ softtissue tumors

Rooms, Technology, ICUs

  1. Daily outpatient facility
  2. 24 hrs emergency care of all orthopaedic emergencies
  3. Fully dedicated modular orthopaedic operation theatre with laminar air flow
  4. Green OT Accreditation
  5. Latest Arthroscopy instruments with HD monitor, Radio frequency alteration system etc
  6. Imported drills & saws
  7. Availability of latest instrumentations for all kind of joint replacement/Revision surgeries
  8. Internal fixation instrumentation
  9. Dedicated rehabilitation team
  10. Surgical ICU with all latest devices and 24x7 availability of physicians


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Inpatient Rounds Policy

Twice daily rounds taken attending physcians

Meet Our Doctors

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Dr. Rajaram K

  • 1year

Dr. Rajaram K

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Dr. Suresh Paul

  • Mon/Wed/Fri
  • 1year

Dr. Rajaram K

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Dr. Biju P.A

MBBS,M.S. Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Tue/Thu/Sat[9-1pm & 4-6 pm]
  • 6 years, 2 months

Dr. Rajaram K

MBBS,M.S. Orthopaedic Surgery
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Dr. Manoj. M

  • Mon/Wed/Fri
  • 1year

Dr. Rajaram K


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